Welcome to Salvation Gaming Community (SGC) your brand new home for gaming!
Below is a quick little user guide to help you get started!!

Use this Guide if you were recruited by someone in SGC
-Message them on the site or Platform recruited on to let them know your here
-Your Username on the site should be your Platform Username at all times
- Then Please Request the Following Usergroups (Recruit & Battalion Usergroup Located Click Here)
-You want to read the (SGC Rules & Info Section), Located Click Here
-After you have completed these Guide Steps, Please Take the time to go over to the NewComers Corner and tell us a lil about yourself so we can get to know you a lil bit better!

****If you werent Recruited by anyone specific please feel free to Contact a member in Leadership (Admirals) or (Vice Admirals) and they will get you sorted out!****
Please Enjoy your stay with SGC!