1. Multiclanning is not permitted in Salvation Gaming Community, anyone caught in the ranks of another Gaming Community or Clan will be automatically removed and banned however we do allow being registered on another communities website as long as you are not a member of their ranking structure.

2. Racism is not accepted here in Salvation Gaming Community anyone caught doing this will be banned Permanently and depending on the situation maybe even blacklisted, this includes Colour of skin, Religion or any other beliefs or traits a person may have.

3. Banter! where we allow banter here in Salvation Gaming Community we advise if a member is asked to stop they stop, we understand that people like to have fun and we do not want to ruin fun so we do not penalise anyone unless they do go too far with something, moral of the story do not take things too far and if someone asks you to stop as its upsetting them you stop, this provides a great atmosphere and respectful community for everyone.

4. Bullying is not Accepted in Salvation Gaming Community any member found guilty of bullying someone will be investigated and potentially banned, if a situation is bad we may have to report everything to the authorities under Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act of 2010.

5. whilst gaming under the SGC name you must be respectful to all other gamers while we accept moderate trash talk etc we do not wish for our members to give us a bad name treat others how you wish to be treated.

6. our website is a key tool for us here at SGC so use it to its full ability however please follow all forum rules only spam in spam areas provided read all rules about the post and forum area before posting you do not want to fall victim to punishment over misuse of the forum.