Hey everyone

To anyone who is left and ends up reading this I feel like I need to leave sgc and find a new home..
I hate leaving a home but this home ain't going anywhere anytime soon and there isn't proper help anymore..
I've respected any single person and always will specially wolf but it's time to do me but if u guys tend to merge somewhere else or same place as I am even better!

sgc has bein great specially the people who have stayed thru the struggles..

I've spent alot of time n effort making the discord and website and feel like its bein wasted..which sucks.if we had the proper ppl and help I feel I sgc could went far

I'll always chat and talk to anyone who adds me or wants to game my names on xbox/psn twitter discord etc r the same name I have on site xNo1Hatedx

Thanks for the good time n I hope u enjoy yours